Career Profiles

Contact Center

Love working with people? As a customer service representative with Mason Companies, you will have the opportunity to provide exceptional customer service in an operationally excellent work environment. You will work directly with the customers as you take orders and service their accounts. Orders are processed through a variety of channels including telephone, email, mail and fax. Our customer service representatives communicate with our nationwide shoppers in a positive and proactive manner offering product knowledge and suggesting additional products for purchase. The Contact Center is open seven days a week and offers a variety of shifts to its employees. We strive to provide excellent customer value by providing quality products and services, listening and responding to our customers’ needs.


Opportunities abound within the Mason Companies Distribution Center. As a member of the distribution center team you play an important role in assuring our customers receive the correct product, on time and in excellent condition. As part of the Receiving department you have the opportunity to receive, unload and scan products into the system. In the Shipping department you are responsible for picking, packing and shipping the product to our customers. Employees in the Returns department check, repair and process returned products.


Mason is proud of its facilities and makes it a priority to assure that all properties and buildings are in excellent condition, safe and enhance the work environment for all employees. Join the facilities team as they monitor, repair, maintain and assure the safety for all Mason buildings, equipment and grounds. From the shipping line to maintaining the corporate office, our skilled staff is there to assure ongoing operation of the organization.


Within the Finance Department of Mason Companies, Inc. you will find a multitude of opportunities in the areas of finance and accounting. These opportunities include general ledger, budgeting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, treasury management and credit. We offer entry level through advanced positions to accommodate your individual experience level. Our environment is a team atmosphere where unique talents and contributions are valued.


In the Graphics Department we are responsible for all aspects of the “print” side of design. We are the primary force that drives the design, layout and production for each of the Mason Companies catalogs. We are looking for individuals who have a fine eye for detail, are creative and have quality design skills. As a part of this team you will help create separate print catalogs appealing to a specific customer demographic and design and create all supporting collateral such as fliers and inserts. You will also create or direct each phase of catalog design and/or photograph and outline all product images on the company’s websites. Additional duties within the Graphics department include: layouts, copy, page production, color separation and printing.

Human Resources

At Mason Companies we recognize that it’s our people that make the company successful. Your career in Human Resources provides the unique opportunity to attract, motivate and retain the most qualified employees and match them to careers they are most suited for. As a Human Resources professional at Mason Companies you would assume the role of a Generalist. Responsibilities may include recruitment and selection, employee relations, compensation, benefits, training and development, labor relations, safety, worker’s compensation, position analysis and job description creation, policy development, labor law, performance appraisal programs, new employee orientation and a variety of other functions.

Information Technology Department

In the IT Department at Mason Companies, we work together to keep the company’s data flowing to the end users and to customers that need it in a safe and secure manner. This is done through leveraging a state of the art network, virtual infrastructure, storage array and web platform. Mason IT delivers the technology backbone that is needed to support e-commerce, catalogs, contact center and distribution resources which allow our business to succeed. In our state of the art technology department there are a variety of positions available from entry level to advanced. Joining our successful IT team means that you will have the ability to learn new technologies, utilize your problem solving skills, and work independently as well as be part of a winning team.

Internet Department

The Internet Department is a growing area at Mason Companies, Inc. Our ecommerce sales have increased significantly over the past five years. The Internet Department consists of internet marketing, web designers, web merchandisers and web content management. The marketing area is responsible for managing programs such as email, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, marketplaces, and social media. The web design area creates all web imagery used on the website, email campaigns, display advertising and landing pages. The web merchandisers are responsible for merchandising the websites and user experience. The internet area is responsible for keeping up with the latest ecommerce best practices and trends.


Are you ready to jump onto the fast track to an exciting, challenging and rewarding career? If you answered “yes,” it’s time to test-drive your career possibilities with an internship at Mason Companies! Mason Companies gives you the chance to enjoy a fun, unique and educational experience with hands-on training outside of the classroom. From your first day on the job, you’ll begin to develop and improve the valuable skills you need for a successful career after college. Mason Companies offers paid internships with competitive wages and flexible hours. See our Internships Page for more details.


As a member of the marketing team you will create and execute integrated marketing plans. You will be responsible for acquiring new customers and maintaining positive customer relationships through multichannel contact strategies. Exploring and developing new marketing opportunities to maintain customer relationships while improving overall company success is one of our daily goals. The Marketing team works in collaboration with a number of other departments throughout the company to execute marketing plans. Additional Marketing tasks include: planning, budgeting, research and analysis.

Mason Outlet Store

The Mason Outlet Store provides a fun selling environment for full and part-time employees. Located in downtown Chippewa Falls, WI. Our store is the hub for the community’s footwear needs. Our sales associates provide excellent service directly to our customers by recommending styles, sizing and answering questions. You will also have the opportunity to stock inventory and set up for our yearly tent sales. Team work and excellent communication skills are highly valued and appreciated at the Mason Outlet Store.


The Merchandising Department at Mason Companies selects and maintains brand and category assortments for all catalog and internet businesses. As a part of this department, you will drive profitable sales and margin, develop and analyze seasonal strategic plans and assist in aesthetics for catalog and internet layouts. The merchant’s role is the beginning of the product life-cycle and is initiated through product selection. We are the “shoppers” of our company recognizing and selecting what our customers will love. Our merchandisers are keen to trends in the business and products that have continued sales success. As a merchant you are the face of Mason at industry markets and vendor meetings. Communication and negotiation skills are vital in the merchant role for positive results with vendors and business partners. Our recommendations mold each catalog and website into its own identity, directly targeted at the desired consumer through branded and private label selections.

Sourcing (Purchasing)

The Primary role within the Sourcing Department is to ensure Mason Companies has adequate inventory to meet customer demand. Working together as an integrated team in Sourcing are the Forecasters and Inventory Specialists. As a Forecaster you would use various reports, tools, and historical information to formulate estimated demand of products for our customers. The Inventory Specialists role is to then use these forecasts to create purchase orders and to continually analyze reports to work with the suppliers to optimize inventory. Sourcing plays a critical role in our business to ensure that goods are flowed to maximize profit margins, inventory turns, and decrease excess product. Our baseline goal is to have the right product at the right time to maximize profitability and customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

Mason takes great pride in providing quality products and assuring our customers receive excellent value with each purchase. The quality assurance department is a critical component in assuring this goal is met. As a member of the quality assurance team you have the responsibility for conducting quality audits and inspections to guarantee the products are in compliance with specifications. Your confidence that the product meets quality standards goes far in providing our customers with good value for their dollar and ensuring their continued business with Mason Companies.