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Mason Cleans Up Irvine Park!

Author: Mason Companies, Inc.


Mason tries to inspire a culture of giving back to the community.  Every year during volunteer month Mason and The Two Ten Foundation encourage employees to take part in various volunteer opportunities in the community.  One of the projects that Mason employees participate in every year is cleaning up Irvine Park.  It’s a fabulous park in the Chippewa Falls community and it is important that everyone work together to keep it clean and safe for generations to come!

Mason-Park-1 Mason-Park-3 Mason-Park-4 Mason-Park-5 Mason-Park-6 Mason-Park-7 Mason-Park-8 Mason-Park-9 Mason-Park-10 Mason-Park-11 Mason-Park-12 Mason-Park-13 Mason-Park-14 Mason-Park-15 Mason-Park-16 Mason-Park-17 Mason-Park-18 Mason-Park-19 Mason-Park-20 Mason-Park-21 Mason-Park-22 Mason-Park-23 Mason-Park-24 Mason-Park-25