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ShoeMall Gets a Makeover

Author: Mason Companies Inc.

ShoeMall's New Design

If you go to ShoeMall’s website, you may notice some major changes.

ShoeMall was recently redesigned and launched with new and improved features aimed at making the online shopping experience an even easier one for customers.

Since ShoeMall first launched back in 1999, the website has undergone one major redesign, in 2006. The latest upgrade began in October 2010, with the site going live on June 16, 2011.

One of the major changes involves the overall look of ShoeMall. Customers will now be able to view more items at once—up to 48 images per-page. In addition, customers are able to view all of the colors available for each product style, and can zoom in and grab a detailed image of the product.

Other new and improved features include quicker site navigation capabilities, a convenient one page checkout process, and additional shopping links for customers. Internet Business Manager Jodi Bresina describes the importance of reliability and convenience that the new site features offer.

“If a customer is returning to our site to make another purchase, he/she has to click on the mouse two times to place an order. Fast and easy, which is so important for our busy customers,” she said.

The site launch comes at one of the “slower” times of the year for retail sales, but Internet Coordinator Jennine Lewitzke believes the new launch should bring in more customers going forward.

“We hope to have good success this holiday season,” she said.