Our Company


Mission Statement

We are a family owned business committed to cultivating thriving relationships. These relationships generate growth, opportunity and value for customers, employees, partners, community, and shareholders through a direct-to-consumer marketing approach.

Vision Statement

We are driven to be a leader in niche markets by providing outstanding customer experiences one customer at a time.

Our Values - The Mason Way

The Mason Culture
Working for a Family Owned Business

As a family-owned business, Mason Companies is unique in its commitment to employee quality of life—both at home and at work. We believe that an environment which values family, community, and work/home life balance in addition to long-term profitability and growth will gain maximum commitment and productivity from our employees.

Our company values of being Customer Oriented, having Integrity, being Progressive, having a strong Work Ethic, and being involved in the Community have made us a leader in the industry and an employer of choice for top talent in the Chippewa Valley. We are proud of our rich history and success at building customer and employee loyalty, and will continue to demonstrate our values in how we conduct business today and in the future.